ConvaTech delivers a Total Conveyor Maintenance philosophy which treats each conveyor as an integrated system rather than a collection of separately managed components. This process takes into account all forms of preventative and corrective maintenance asset inspections, engineering consultation, highly detailed reporting and data driven recommendations for improving asset availability and reducing costs.

Delivering Total Conveyor Maintenance is made possible through ConvaTech’s Asset Reliability Management Approach (CARMA). This approach is unique only to ConvaTech. With the dedicated support of ConvaTech business analysts, engineers, maintenance and product specialists we provide monthly reporting to recommend cost effective options based on the condition and output of conveyor assets so you can achieve maximum performance.

CARMA Plan - Do - Check - Act

CARMA follows a Plan - Do - Check - Act improvement process. Other maintenance providers usually focus on the ‘Do’ phase often at the expense of the plans required to achieve optimal conveyor performance, budget management, failure analysis and detailed corrective action processes. ConvaTech is committed to Total Conveyor Maintenance; a structured approach which delivers reduced costs and increased availability.

CARMA Clarity

The CARMA process is centred on the collection of valuable detailed conveyor performance data with the use of our mobile conveyor inspection system and roller tracking system. The data is collected using our job costing approach, ensuring cost data is recorded at the detailed component level. This data is then used to complete analysis and reporting. Importantly, the data always remains the property of the client and is available at any time. Key information is fed into the client ERP, via simple .csv transfer and no additional configuration of the client ERP is required.

CARMA Synergy

The conveyor performance indicators gathered are closely analysed by ConvaTech’s Business Improvement Team via our CARMA Specialist. Our CARMA Specialist is assigned to each site and acts as a hub of coordinated activity between ConvaTech, site operations personnel and other suppliers as required.

CARMA Certainty

ConvaTech are serious about reducing costs and increasing availability for our clients. With CARMA, ConvaTech delivers the certainty of customer savings through increases in conveyor performance and uptimes. This includes reduced costs through better product performance and supply, reduced conveyor downtimes and rich graphical information that informs all our CARMA customers how their conveyors and components are performing. Since April 2015 ConvaTech have delivered over $10 million and growing in client savings.

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