Conveyor Belt

Our product range includes Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Multi-ply Conveyor Belt and Solid Woven Conveyor Belt. Our range of conveyor belt covers speciality applications such as:

Crows Foot Weave - For use in applications where rip resistance is critical.

Fire Resistant - For use in applications where there is a risk of fire or explosion.

Heat Resistant - For use in applications of conveying materials at high temperature.

Low Rolling Resistance - For use in applications requiring improved conveyor efficiency through reduced indentation rolling resistance.

Oil/Grease and Chemical Resistant - For use when conveying oily/greasy products.

Chevron - For use in steep incline conveyors an when conveying wet and loose materials

Cross Rigid Sidewall - For use in steep incline conveying.

All of our conveyor belt adheres to the following Australian standards:

AS 1332 - Textile Reinforced

AS 1333 - Elastometric and Steel Cord Construction

AS 1334 - Testing

AS 4606 - FRAS

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