Conveyor Inspections

ConvaTech offer conveyor inspections including a visual check of conveyor condition. We inspect all static and dynamic components including conveyor idlers, skirts, belt cleaning systems, structures to gantry level, conveyor belt tracking, pulleys and bearings, guarding and the conveyor drive (gearbox, motors and couplings). Inspection data is used to create various reports utilising a traffic light system to prioritise repair and maintenance requirements. Where definitive condition based results are needed, objective measurement and additional reports can be produced to determine the lifecycle of certain critical items.

Belt Maintenance

ConvaTech provides a premium service in belt repairs that maximises belt utilisation. We use a range of hot and cold belt repair techniques on all conveyor belt types. Our belt repair service capability extends to one off belt repair on a specific conveyor through to the management of all onsite repair needs.

Belt Tracking

A number of issues can affect the ability of the conveyor belt to track correctly. As part of our inspection regime, belt tracking issues are identified and reported. Corrective action for each of these issues are readily determined when particular causes are identified. Our service teams are specifically trained in techniques to overcome any tracking issues. Each module of this package steps through and teaches our team how to track a belt correctly.

Cleaner Maintenance

Operating with inadequately maintained belt cleaning systems can lead to costly conveyor component failures. Our Enduro services division provides specialised conveyor belt cleaning services that deliver measurable benefits and optimal performance. We are dedicated to producing overall solutions to all applications of belt cleaning systems including advice, installation and maintenance services of all brands of cleaners. Enduro has capability extending from cleaner adjustment and refurbishment through to full scale product supply, planning, maintenance scheduling, inspections and reporting.

Roller Tracking and Maintenance

Our Conveyor Roller Services (CRS) division provides cost effective, safe and innovativeroller maintenance and replacement services that align to our clients’ needs. We maintain the highest standard of safety using our fully trained and competent team and are committed to continuous improvement through innovative tooling.

We also offer innovative monitoring solutions such as roller thermography, failure analysis, acoustic monitoring and an automated, electronic reporting system for instant feedback.

Conveyor Engineering

Our state-of-the-art workshop facility allows for design, manufacture and refurbishment as an extension of the onsite capability.

The facility also designs and manufactures job specific equipment as required thus fast-tracking outcomes while maintaining safety and maximising asset availability.

All ConvaTech plant and equipment is maintained by the engineering workshop which ensures safety, reliability and fit for purpose application.

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring techniques such as vibration analysis, infrared thermography andcleaner carry-back testing are deployed maximising the ability to identify defective or underperforming components and assets.

Our highly trained and experienced team consists of degree qualified mechanical engineers as well as experienced condition monitoring and alignment technicians.

Our services include:

  • Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis
  • Rotational and Structural Analysis
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Reliability Engineering and Design Analysis
  • Design Capacity and Safety Auditing
  • Thermography
  • Conveyor Belt Condition Assessment and Analysis

Belt Installations

We can provide you with an end-to-end solution for your belt installation, belt splicing and belt replacement needs. This encompasses the ability to manage the project through our competent team and detailed processes, as well as providing splicing services to meet any belt installation and performance requirement.

Our service is performed by our highly trained team adhering to strict quality, safety and process guidelines. Our various methodologies have proven highly successful and we have been able to demonstrate reduced shutdown window times by up to 90% compared to conventional practices.

Our Partners

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